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Toroid comes from “Torus” meaning in the form of a torus and therefor any variation of such. A torus is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in a three dimensional space about an axis, always at the same distance and without touching. However, the term torus is also used when we refer to the torus that is obtained when its properties are taken to the fourth dimension. Formally, we are dealing with Clifford´s torus, in reference to the mathematician that first studied it in the mid nineteenth century.


However, more than the physical shape, the torus represents a  pattern of movement with a very particular characteristic, highlighted for the first time by the philosopher and scientist Arthur M. Young (1905-1995). “The torus is the only pattern of energy or dynamic movement capable of sustaining itself, and it is of the same substance as its surroundings, like a tornado, a smoke ring or a whirlpool”. We can better understand this idea or concept by watching this spectacular video, where David Helder, using a curious technique creates underwater toroids. In these images we can clearly appreciate a mass of water, in the water itself, that keeps its shape and movement by feeding on itself. David Helder allows us to visualize this by using small metal shards, allowing us to better appreciate the movement of the mass of water. We can also observe its strength and how it can even knock over blocks of granite.

We Thought We Had Seen Everything In Freediving from FreedivingUAE on Vimeo.

In this other video we can observe other examples of toroidal movement, like that created by dolphins or smoke emanating from a volcano.

Although it is a subject that is mostly known and used by mathematicians, we can observe that it is a shape that is part of life and always has been. From its origins as a concept, it has evolved rapidly into a mathematical model that helps us to explain different scientific enigmas such as black holes. It is widely accepted among scientific community that the shape of galaxies is toroidal, with a black hole at their  centre, sucking in and expelling infinite energy. We are starting to hear the theory, and there are measurements to back it up, that the universe itself Is also of a toroidal shape. There is one known theory called Parson´s magneton theory of the atom that postulates that the electron, the building block of the universe, and still today a great unknown, has a toroidal form. From the geometry of the electron to the universe as whole, we can find the same pattern repeated in all sizes. It is the form  of the electro-magnetic field of the human body and of our planet as is demonstrated by Van Allen. The particle accelerator in Swtizerland has a toroidal shape and also using this same  figure there is Marko Rodin who developed a couil known as Rodin´s Coil, that generates a magnetic field 62.5% greater than conventional coils. He has also developed a theory based on the toroid that illustrates the origin of the electron, a fundamental part of the atom, whose cause is as yet unknown. Beyond the examples that we have seen, beyond its form and its applications, the toroid contains a fountain of knowledge that has not passed unnoticed by those that seek to unravel the laws that rule the universe and the conscience. The toroid is a key figure in most of the actual streams of metaphysical-spiritual search. It represents the way in which energy moves on any level of existence.

We can observe that we are dealing with a figure of the highest importance and relevance both for scientists and mystics. Its importance is key to change of paradigm that scientific thinking is undergoing and is a crossroads between science and conscience for those that would like to investigate a little more, some scientists that are working along these lines, and whose theories are strongly related  to the toroid are the already mentioned Marko Rodin, Dan Winter and Nassim Haramein. Another landmark in the history of the toroid was reached in the mid 1990´s, if William Kingdom Clifford was thee father of the concept, then Jochen Valett brought it to life under the name of Toroflux. It´s an invention that goes beyond the mere creation of a physical shape, it recreates its movement perfectly, in a way that even allows us to play with it. It is widely known that the best way to interiorize an abstract concept is through experience. This element, under the guise of a toy, allows us to manipulate something of such great importance as a toroid. At Intorus we have understood the transcendence of this fact, and we are determined to discover how (a link that we do for you) and why (On what we base ourselves). Many lives are being improved by this object. We have commercialized toroflux using the name Flipyflux (link Flipyflux). If you wish to no ore about this project and the way in which we present it, please don´t hesitate to get in touch (link).

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