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Flipyflux is much more than just a toy, as can be discovered in this free psychopedagogical guide available for downloading.

Flipyflux is both pleasant and fun, whilst at the same time adapting to the circumstances and characteristics of the user. Within a therapeutic context it defeats any resistance to therapy thereby avoiding frustration, as there is no feeling or sensation whatsoever of “doing it wrong”. Its playful character, the pleasant sensation it produces when using it and the feeling of comfort felt while undertaking this activity, allow the participants to surrender themselves to what they are doing and therefore the results of the therapy are so much more advantageous.

Several very important aspects of psychomotor activity are worked on when we  use the flipyflux, such as laterality and centrality, space awareness, balance, strength, optometry and many others. In this guide we propose a series of practical excercises, detailing the aspects that are worked on in each. As you can see, the excercises that we will show you are attained in a natural way , with play. That is why it becomes an unequalled toy with which we can help in the development of a child´s spicomotricity.

Spychomotor activity is a key aspect of a child´s development, and it is directly related to the reading and writing skills. A child will work on these skills in a completely natural way through play and movement. The boom in electronic games together with the social changes of the last few years have led to children playing less and less and we are starting to find that a sedentary lifestyle is becoming more and more of a problem with the infant population. Flipyflux helps to avoid this, because it looks like a toy that’s come from the future. It recovers the values of traditional play. It can be played with, alone or as part of a group, it doesn´t need batteries, it´s very light, it can be taken anywhere and it is the child, using his imagination, that decides what they are going to play. Flipyflux is everything and nothing at the same time, it slides along a rope, it flies through the air having turned into a vital wave, it´s the spaceship of the playmobil figures or the crown of a princess. Children can also pass it from one to another, joining their hands allowing play to continue amongst many thus helping their social skills, group coordination, physical contact and interaction with the environment.

As we have said, flipyflux is movement and imagination. Imagination is the step prior to the ability to form abstract thought. This ability is vital not only for the intellectual learning process, but also to develop concepts such as coherence and logic. Developing the ability of abstraction helps us to manage different situations in our day to day life. We have dedicated a section of this guide to just this.

Intorus offers a combined mind-body focus based on play and movement that will excite you and encourage you to improve. If you are interested in knowing more, or if you would like to include our proposals into your workspace, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

> Free psychopedagogical guide available for downloading

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