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Our first steps with Intorus are taken on the street, through experimentation and the passing of the flipyflux among many and varied hands. There is an expression and feeling common to all these hands  “ WOW! This is relaxing”.

There are machines that are capable of measuring   what not so long ago would have been impossible to measure. We have used GDV-EPC technology to measure the effects of the flipyflux on a very subtle level. This machine was created by Professor Korotkov of St. Petersburg University in Russia, and it allows us to carry out scientific studies of the Human Energy Field (HEF). Our body, the same as any other body, emits a light on a very low frequency wave, so small as to be undetectable to the human eye. Quartz has the property of filtering ultraviolet light. This machine, using quartz lenses , photographs the emission of UV light from the figers and by using this, together with the information provided by the meridians we can extrapolate the measurements to the general wellbeing of the person.

We first measured a person before using a flipyflux and then repeated the measurements after ten minutes of use. We then compared the results. These are the conclusions of that study:

“Flipyflux used for ten minutes improves and restructures the Human Energy Field (HEF) of the subject. The analysis of the results of the measurements in this study are conclusive, and we can state that the use of a flipyflux for ten minutes, significantly improves the HEF of the person using it”

The understanding of why this happens and the putting into practice of how it happens is part of what we now call Intorus. More information is available on our web page ( link ).

A download of a seven page summary of the studies carried out is available here. If you are interested in a complete report then please do not hesitate in sending us a request by E-mail.

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