FlipyFlux warranty

FlipyFlux offers a lifetime warranty. If  your FlipyFlux is broken, we will exchange it. We simply ask you to send us your broken item and we will replace it.  Please note, we cannot exchange items that have been misused or deformed.

Painted Flipyflux have small areas where the paint may  not cover the wire rod completely, this is due to the intricate process of painting them and is not considered as a defect.


Tips for use

FlipyFlux is very flexible and is not deformed through handling or falling to the ground, but if incorrectly closed or crushed, this could bend the wire rod, and if so, would cause it to rotate out of alignment. You must be careful when closing it, and if you leave it on the floor, we recommend that you leave it closed, as in this way it is not at risk.

Handala warranty

The materials we use are natural minerals and german silver and therefore durability is guaranteed. It may be that when handling, a petal is released. In this case, simply follow the pattern to fit it back in place, or watch the video tutorial on how to assemble the Handala where you can see how to return it to its original position and hook the piece back in.


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