Intorus offers an approach that, without losing sight of the fun and well-being, helps you to work effectively on mobility and deepening level of coordination. The playful nature of the activities, their attractiveness and the pleasing sensations that arise, can help overcome resistance to therapy, and allow the patient to become involved and remain in activity for a longer period of time. In this way, the therapists job becomes easier and the results of therapy are achieved with more quickly and with less effort.

The tools we use are tailored to the circumstances and characteristics of each person enhancing the sense of independence and leaving aside frustrations. This allows work to be done in a guided manner and with a specific goal, or independently through free flow movement.  It's a tool that the patient can continue to use outside of therapy time and allows family and friends to be part of the process and assist with rehabilitation.

We also do work based on group dynamics of unity and teamwork that can constitute an activity in itself, or they can be used to open and / or close other dynamics and workshops.

If you think we can help in facilitating your work, or the development of your center,  please don't hesitate to contact us.  We have developed a specifically focused program to support centers working with the body and the development of motor skills.


We believe that one of the most effective ways to exercise the body and mind is through play and movement. The tools that we use have a common theme, they are pleasing and fun whilst our body and mind naturally submit into a deep and balancing process. In the workshops we develop mobility, imagination, creativity, teamwork, spatial vision, the idea of ​​order and geometry, mathematics, imagination and abstract thought.

We offer a series of play workshops where learning and fun can integrate a family as a whole, from the a child through to the grandparents. Activities are tailored to space and requirements.

Depending on the context, these workshops are finalized with a talk for parents, carers and professionals where the concepts of the work that lies behind the play aspects are uncovered.  We also cover how to take this practice back into your daily lives and continue developing these areas.

If you form part of an educational project or work with children, we would be happy to give you more information about the different workshops we provide and the format of direction for children, parents and carers.


The mind body connection is a path to our inner being and one way to awaken this path is through movement. Through these workshops we will accompany you in the discovery of a new tool to facilitate self-knowledge, thus allowing you to reconnect with the here and now, to be completely in the present moment. By allowing your body to feel free through movement you gain a sense of joy and freedom, these sensations are the beginning of many benefits that you will encounter from this work.

FlipyFlux is movement, but not just any kind of movement. FlipyFlux perfectly recreates the toroidal movement. It is a figure present in nature, in science and in most current spiritual beliefs. You can get to know this better through the following link  (post toroid link and toroidal motion). Our own energy follows a toroidal dynamic. The aim of this workshop is activate the flow of energy in our own bodies through the toroid.  Both the physical effort we put in and the energetic activation that occurs, have a direct effect on the heart chakra, the center of our own toroid and on our entire being.


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