It awakens your creativity

Aids the development of key neurological processes

Allows you to reconnect easily with your center

Improves your ability to concentrate

Quality Materials: using only alpaca yarn and natural minerals.

Handala puts a mandala into your hands. Mandala means "sacred circle". They are figures that start from a central point, and expand outwards geometrically. We find these patterns in a flower, an eye or a snowflake. They are an expression of the Universe and have accompanied man throughout time. They express order, harmony, health, beauty, tranquility, and these are the qualities that are awakened in us when we use mandalas in various forms.

The wire mandalas have been present in the Buddhist traditions for thousands of years and allow us to touch and transform a three dimensional mandala. Handala puts the mandalas at your disposal, with careful preparation, presentation and choice of materials, using only alpaca yarn and natural minerals.

The result is a beautiful object that allows you to reconnect easily with your center and in all circumstances, it awakens your creativity , improves your ability to concentrate and aids the development of key neurological processes such as hand eye coordination and pincer grip or fine motor skills. Whilst playing with your Handala or sharing its enjoyment with others, you generate a state of well being and balance that impacts directly on your day.

The model Classic Handala, has always been around, with two crowns of equal size and a thousand and one ways of transforming it, amongst which is the flat position.

Pyramid Handala, with two and three crowns of different sizes, which fold back on itself allowing a crown to cross over in either direction.

You can order a Handala that has already been put together, or build it yourself. In the Craft Handala you have all the parts and a video installation that will guide you step by step in its construction. You'll have a fun time, better understand its mechanics and feel very proud of the end result.


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