It is action

It is imagination

It is health

It is fun

It is science

FlipyFlux is a tool through which you can connect with your body and its movement. Although closely linked to play, it is much more than a toy, it is dance, action, imagination, health, laughter, fun, and science.

If we look deeper into its form, we can see the exact materialization of the Toroid, and especially, it’s movement (Link, The Toroid and its toroidal movement). A Toroid forms part of a spiral which is continuously being expelled and absorbed. FlipyFlux immerses us in the spiral, encouraging us to lift our arms and expand our chests through wide, rounded and coordinated movements. At same time, it massages softly but profoundly, bringing the focus to your body, here and now, and allows stress to be relieved from the neck and shoulders. The combination of these factors makes you experience a state of harmony and almost instant serenity, as is shown through the study using the GDV

This is an opportunity to develop your motor skills, deepen your self knowledge and to explore the tricks and skills of a new juggling tool. You can learn more about how acts upon your being in our psychology guide , or learn about it through our workshops.

FlipyFlux will become part of the decor of your home, and you will be surprised to find yourself playing with it when you are talking on the phone, reflecting on an important issue, or you when your body is feeling stiff.. It is relaxing and aids you to discover new sensations and movements, there’s no need for batteries, you can take it anywhere and use it anytime, sharing joy and well-being with anyone close by.



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