We offer a line of integrated development for the body and mind
through activities that stimulate interest and promote discovery.

When we find an activity that interests us, we will repeat it over and over again

It is a natural phenomenon that when we find an activity that interests us, we will repeat it over and over again , developing new levels of understanding and enjoyment through its use. The elements we use in the workshops are attractive stimuli that increase interest and enjoyment in the subject matter. In turn and almost without realizing it, we are working within physical realms of mobility and coordination, whilst subconsciously and through experimentation we are working concepts such as spatial vision, the idea of order and geometry, imagination or capacity for abstract thought.

Development of motor skills and imagination

In our Therapeutic Guide, we highlight the areas in which flipyflux contributes to the development of motor skills and imagination. The study based on the technology of the GDV-EPC* (Link why flipyflux makes you feel good) may also be of interest as it shows the effects flipyflux has on the HEF (Human Energy Field). This study shows images and data of the harmony and serenity that we experience when we use the flipyflux for a few minutes. *TECHNOLOGY GDV-EPC. The Bioelectrography machineGDV-EPC is the technology used to study, the human energy field (HEF), from a scientific stand point. It was created at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia, by prof. Korotkov. It has been recognized by official bodies such as the Russian and American Ministries of Health.

*TECNOLOGÍA GDV-EPC. La Bioelectrografía GDV-EPC es la tecnología que permite estudiar, desde el método científico, el Campo de Energía Humano (CEH), de vital importancia para la salud. Fue creada en la Universidad de San Petersburgo, Rusia, por el prof. Korotkov. Ha sido reconocida por organismos oficiales como los Ministerios ruso y estadounidense de Salud.


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